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Advocates & Brand Ambassadors

What We Believe In

Domestic and family violence is not just physical violence alone; it can be verbal, emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, cultural, spiritual, and image-based.


We recognize that domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of age and gender. But, unfortunately, many people who experience domestic violence don’t even realize that they are in an abusive relationship until too late.

These behaviours often happen by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family, and friends. No one deserves to be mistreated in any shape or form.


Most of our brave advocates and brand ambassadors have experienced domestic violence themselves, either in the home they grew up in or their own relationships.

We call them brave because, just like our co-founders, they decided to publicly share their stories to support our movement and raise awareness.  


As advocates and ambassadors, they give a voice to individuals internationally who experienced domestic and family violence in one way or another.  They talk about this sometimes taboo topic at events and with their friends and families.

They stand up and speak out against domestic and family violence whenever they get a chance.

If you are interested in becoming a Living Free From Fear Advocate or Brand Ambassador, get in touch with us.


What Are the Core Traits of a Living Free From Fear Advocate and Brand Ambassadors?

Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors are easily distinguishable and possess four fundamental qualities:

  1. They are Leaders – Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors are leaders. They are icons people look up to, and their positions as a leader make them an influential representatives of the Living Free From Fear Movement.

  2.  Well Connected – Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors are not just leaders; they are also well connected within organizations and individuals worldwide who would like to collaborate with us. Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors have a passion for building and growing relationships with the most relevant people, media outlets, government organizations, and other community organizations interested in making a global impact. 

  3.  Online and Social Media Presence – our brand and program ambassadors have a solid online and social media presence. When these brand and program ambassadors promote the Living Free From Fear brand and program on their social media accounts, their followers are receptive to their message, viewing it as advice from a close friend.

  4.  Physical Presence - Outside of social media, Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors move positively towards our vision, mission, objective and values. They are helpful in the community and have respect towards other people. Living Free From Fear Advocates and Brand Ambassadors will be speaking on behalf of the movement and embodying a high level of professionalism and charisma. 

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Brandi Smith

Advocate and Brand Ambassador

Brandi is a single mom of two beautiful children. She spent 16 wonderful years working in the medical field.  She is an advocate against domestic violence and sexual assault.


Her near-death experience at the hands of her abusive husband occurred at her daughter's 21st birthday party.  Brandi's story received national attention following TV news coverage in Arkansas and Tennessee.  As a result, she appeared twice on the daytime tv show "The Doctors" telling her story.  She has spoken at local and regional events, churches and colleges sharing her experiences and encouraging victims to speak up and speak out.  One day she intends to start her own non profit helping women and men overcome life after abuse.

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Alicia Thriver


Alicia Thriver is an author, speaker and advocate for abuse prevention and awareness. Her upcoming memoir, Hidden Calling: A Mother's Courage Unveiled, follows her harrowing escape from the Middle East to protect her two young daughters. She fled so her past of being silenced and abused would not be their future. Now, Alicia is calling for a safer world for women and girls to live in by teaching others how to recognize and emerge from all forms of abuse, both seen and unseen.


Jennifer Coates


Jennifer is a business owner with 20+ years in the Design + Construction Industry. She is an advocate against domestic violence since surviving an abusive relationship herself. With years of healing and growth, Jennifer wants to share her experience and help others who are victims of domestic violence. She truly believes that we can all benefit from speaking up. We need to bring more awareness and provide resources to this ongoing issue. Jennifer's goal is to be the resource to others, that she herself needed as a young adult in an abusive relationship.

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Stephani Bankett

Advocate and Brand Ambassador


Stephani is a Real Estate Broker/Owner of Unique Mortgage & Realty, Inc.  As a Broker, women of faith, volunteer and previous COO of a domestic violence organization, I spent several years helping children and adults relocate, heal and redirect their lives.

Having experienced domestic violence firsthand, I understand the importance of safety, healing and second chances.  God not only taught me to love again but to understand self-love and great self-esteem are vital in life. God has equipped me with a passion for helping people, especially advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

During my time of being an organization’s COO I assisted adults/children locate safe housing, counseling, physical/mental health care along with any other essentials or resources needed to live a safe fulfilled happy life. Daily I assist the homeless community providing care packages, along with providing hot meals weekly through various organization. Through weekly volunteering I assist families rehabilitated, trafficked and previously incarcerated in locating safe housing.

I believe we may be broken but we can be put back together with a gentle touch, loving heart and compassionate guidance.

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