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Survivor to Thriver Coaching Solution

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One of the most commonly used features of is our search tool that allows anyone in the U.S./Canada to find nearby domestic violence programs and shelters. People are using this tool at this moment and millions of people have used it since 2014 to find someone locally to speak with, to find shelter, and to find a more positive future. We hope it's reassuring to know that you're not alone and that we can help you find help.

"Today I am the Holistic Counsellor and Social Worker

I needed as a teenager"


The Support and Services Directory is for any woman looking for support who is experiencing or has experienced, abuse through family, domestic and/or sexual violence in Australia.

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We assist victims of domestic abuse, we offer free legal advice, free counselling outsourced to Vita Nova Counselling Centre, victim support for men & women, we offer access to resources, information, guidance, emotional support and support groups throughout South Africa remotely.


We are a national coalition of more than 100,000 survivor parents and concerned citizens in the United States advocating for evidence-based policies which put child safety and risks at the forefront of child custody decisions.

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An Essay from our Advocate and Survivor, Alicia Thriver.  Click the Essay button below:



Is an anti-sex/human trafficking initiative. Its purpose is to engage sports organizations, entertainment venues, faith communities, schools, government leaders, corporations, and key influencers in the work to end the scourge of trafficking. 


As champions for equality and human rights, the network of Day One works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered so that all in need can find safety and support. Day One is a statewide program of Cornerstone.


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What we accomplish with our programs;

1- Reduce or eliminate the anxiety, fear, and hyper-vigilance violence survivors continue to experience due to their traumatic experience(s)
2- Rebuild and increase both self-confidence and courage in violence survivors with skills that give them the ability to avoid, escape, and even prevent dangerous situations whether criminal or environmental
3- Increase opportunities for success in every part of violence survivors’ lives by teaching them how these incredibly powerful skills can also be used in business, school, finding employment, social growth, family relationships, and significant other relationships.
4- Deliver our programs in a way that adults can easily teach their children so those children grow up with skills that can keep them safe.

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Stella Chiu is a Financial educator who belongs to a nonprofit organization called Heartland Institute of Financial Education, Or Their team consists of 2 MBA's with 26 years of financial experience and Stella, with 10 years of financial education experience. They commit 30% of  their time to educating the community on how money works. Stella is offering this education to you via a Free 1-on-1 financial consultant,  Free financial workshops and a Business opportunity.  Stella said  "We can help you to purchase essential life insurance for protection and investment products because we are licensed." 

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